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Simplify your Salesforce Data Entry with Spreadsheet UI

"Mashmatrix Sheet" empowers you to quickly navigate, visualize, and manage Salesforce data across multiple objects from spreadsheet-like interface. You’ll get clean and up-to-date data every time. 



Mass-Edit with Copy & Paste

Entering data into Salesforce can involve a lot of clicks and page navigation. With Mashmatrix Sheet, you can enter and update data in Salesforce on a spreadsheet-like screen without moving from one screen to another. In Mashmatrix Sheet, copy-and-paste is a powerful shortcut for creating and updating large amounts of data. It is also possible to import data from a local Excel sheet into Salesforce, just like you would in Excel sheets.

Multiple Objects in One Screen

Salesforce is a database with multiple objects that store multiple types of records in relation to each other. As a result, users often need to navigate through multiple layers of relationships.

In Mashmatrix Sheet, you can easily enter information that spans multiple object relationships, since the records of related objects can be displayed in the related sheet in the split screen.


Embeddable in Salesforce Page

Sometimes Salesforce's related list feature is not satisfactory for day-to-day operations because it does not allow attribute-based filtering or inline editing and adding of records.

Mashmatrix's sheet component can be used in Saleforce's record detail page as a highly functional replacement for the related list. As it is compliant with Salesforce's Lightning technology, it is fully aligned with the contents natively served by Salesforce.

Mass-Action by Lightning Flow

If there is a task that needs to be automated, it could be accomplished with Salesforce's Lightning Flow and its Flow Builder. However, how do you handle a mass of records ?
Mashmatrix has an action feature that launches Lightning Flow and passes the selected records in the sheet for mass processing.


Recurring Data Management

Businesses often deal with recurring data such as forecasts or revenues. Such data, recorded in time series, is represented in Salesforce by child related objects, but it is difficult to view and edit them at once.

The matrix transformation feature of Mashmatrix allows you to transform these time series data in child relationships, aligning them horizontally, and view and edit them in a grid table.



* All Feats in Standard

* Seamless Migration to Prod

* No User Limit



For 30-Day

* Basic Support in Email
* Split Screen & Related Sheet

* Lightning Sheet Component
* Lightning Flow Action


$ 18

Per User / Month

(All Feats in Standard plus)

* Mass Approval Action

* Matrix Transformation


$ 24

Per User / Month

Requet Trial



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