What is Mashmatrix "Sheet" ?

No Need for Data Export

Mashmatrix “Sheet” is a web application that allows you to edit Salesforce data with an Excel like interface. Since editing is done via your browser, tedious importing/exporting tasks are omitted.

Use like Excel

By using Mashmatrix “Sheet”, you can use features like searching, filtering and sorting, and even bulk update or fix scroll frames. Handle Salesforce data like you would in Excel.

Reduced Data Leakage Risk

Since Mashmatrix “Sheet” does not require data export, data leakage risks caused by unnecessary local data are reduced. You can also sure about security since data is displayed according to Salesforce’s access control system.

Mashmatrix “Sheet” Features

Instant Activation after Installation

Mashmatrix’s “Sheet” provides instant activation of an Excel-like interface by simply selecting the Salesforce object to reference in the sheet.

Freely scroll through pages

Mashmatrix “Sheet” allows you to scroll through pages horizontally and vertically with ease. When scrolling the page horizontally, the column on the very left stays in place to allow you to keep your data on sight.


Easily configure filtering through the header menu. Access data quickly without dealing with complicated queries.

Inline Editing

You can browse and edit your data simultaneously just like in Excel. Editor component will be suitable one for each column fields - pulldown for picklist fields, and lookup for lookup fields.

Keyboard Friendly

Control Sheet data with your keyboard. Moving selection horizontally/vertically with the cursor key, copying and pasting with your keyboard, and expanding selection with the SHIFT key.

Copying and Pasting

Copy the selected cell with the keyboard shortcut and save data on the clipboard. Copied data can be pasted into the selected area to bulk-update the data.

Create and Duplicate Records

Easily duplicate a record set by copying and pasting it. Of course, you can also create them from scratch


You can style the cells conditionally. Colors are customizable and you can also add icons to them.


You can put action buttons to apply logics for selected records. Use pre-defined actions shipped with the product, or create your own.

CSV Download

Download selected records in CSV format. Yes, you can still use Excel!

Mashmatrix “Sheet” Pricing


Free (for 30 days)

Access all features offered by the production

No user limit

Seamless transfer to production

Basic License

$ 18 /User/Month

Subscription License

No initial costs/Basic support included

Monthly or Yearly Payments Accepted

Enterprise License


Subscription License

No initial costs/Basic support included

Monthly or Yearly Payments Accepted

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Testimonials of Mashmatrix “Sheet”


Yuuki Itoh / Ai Sakai, Nexway, Inc.


Ryo Ushizaki, Freeway Japan, Inc.

By combining "Sheet" and "Pardot", career support became possible for each customer as a lifetime partner

Hiromasa Inahashi / Kaoru Minami, Axis Consulting, Inc.

I’ve been entrusting the management of over 400 Japanese language school teachers to my staff in Bangkok, and there have been many problems regarding time usage and overlooked records when trying to edit Salesforce data. After introducing Sheet to my employees, they’ve been having much more ease with the familiarized excel interface.

- Takuo Hasegawa, Managing Director, Lighthouse Info Service Co., Ltd

By displaying customer information in Salesforce in the Sheet, we have been able to think out our strategy while simultaneously filtering and sorting the data as if we would in Excel. Using the styling function and highlighting data, I can easily make references for presentations.

- Shunsuke Hanato, CEO, Apps and Partners Inc.

Partners of Mashmatrix

Introduce Mashmatrix to your customers

At Mashmatrix, we are constantly developing innovative applications to support our partners and customers in updating and maintaining Salesforce data. Since Mashmatrix services use Salesforce as a platform, installation is easy, safe, and available on a large scale. If you are interested in Mashmatrix “Sheet” or “Dashboard”, please contact us.